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Your Trusted Destination for Valve Repair in White Court and Rocky Mountain House

In all processing plants, control valves are a critical part needed for maintaining the desired operating range of process variables like flow, level, pressure, and temperature.


For 32 years, Ed's Valve Servicing Ltd has provided a wide range of professional services, including valve repair to the oil and gas industry and mechanical and industrial companies. You can count on our skilled team for all API and ANSI valve repairs in White Court and Rocky Mountain House.


With state-of-the-art equipment in place, we offer prompt and professional valve repairs 24/7 for you. We can also cater to your safety relief valve repair needs.

Besides repair services for all API and ANSI valves, Ed's Valve Servicing Ltd offers a large stock of reconditioned valves for sale and rental. Contact us for maintenance and repairs of all wellhead, pipeline, and plant valves.

Functions of Valves

The function of valves is not just as the controlling elements but also to bring value to your operations by way of:

  • Achieving better product quality: In manufacturing units, consistency in producing standard products is possible by installing the right size and type of valves to reduce process variability and maintaining high product quality.

  • Maintaining the efficiency of plants: Exercising precise control over process variables with control valves helps improve the energy efficiency and productivity of the plant.

  • Achieving higher profit goals: The highest process efficiency and product quality can deliver higher profitability to the plant and also contribute to environmental sustainability through decreased waste materials.

Comprehensive Assessment of the Process and Types of Valve Repairs

Valve repair is an elaborate process of getting to know the proper valve and valve components for the service conditions. Before performing valve repair, our technician performs hydrostatic valve testing as governed by ANSI/ISA-75.19.01-2013.

When a technician visits the site, firstly, he will look at the complete process, including the valve assembly, the control loop, and the media (gas, liquid or fluid) in the pipe. Common valve repair conditions in plants are-

  • Sealing the leakage with new packing

    • Internal leakage: If the technician notices the internal leakage, he will first check the maximum allowable leakage (MAL) specified by ANSI/FCI Standard 70-2. If the leaking is above the MAL, he will check out for worn-out internal components.

    • External leakage that causes fugitive emissions is the problem with valve packing that may be due to improper maintenance or material incompatibilities.

    • Stickiness or stiction: A valve stuck in a particular position due to sticky valve internals, undersized actuators, tight shutoff, or media viscosity due to a damaged packing seal at the plug stem, where it goes through the bonnet.

    • Repair for leakage and stickiness: Before repairing the valve, the surface finish of the plug stem should have a particular RMS, which is the Roughness Measurement of the Surface. If the RMS isn’t facilitating a tight seal, replace the packing or machine back to its original specifications.

  • Actuator adjustment and positional calibration

    • Besides the valve, the problem can be with the actuator, the positioner, or another component of the valve assembly.​

    • The actuator’s adjustments need to conform to OEM instructions.

    • The calibration of positioners helps extend the life of your valve by not allowing conditions that are hard on the valve.

Ed's Valve Servicing Ltd provides certified technicians to service wellhead, pipeline, and plant ANSI/API valve repair in White Court and Rocky Mountain House. Contact us for 24x7 services.

Professional Valve Repairs

Rely on our fully-equipped servicing units for all ANSI/API valve repair types in White Court and Rocky Mountain House.

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