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Your Trusted Destination for Valve Maintenance in Red Deer and Surrounding Areas

Control valves are critical in maintaining the desired operating range of process variables such as flow, level, pressure, and temperature in all processing plants.


For 32 years, Ed's Valve Servicing (Red Deer) Ltd has been leading by providing professional services, specializing in valve maintenance for the oil and gas industry and mechanical and industrial companies. Our team delivers top-notch API and ANSI valve maintenance services in Red Deer and the surrounding areas.


Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, we ensure prompt and professional valve maintenance services 24/7. We also address your safety relief valve maintenance needs at Ed's Valve Servicing (Red Deer) Ltd.

In addition to maintenance services for all API and ANSI valves, we offer an extensive inventory of reconditioned valves for sale and rental. Reach out to us for the maintenance and servicing of all wellhead, pipeline, and plant valves in and around Red Deer. Trust Ed's Valve Servicing (Red Deer) Ltd for reliable and efficient valve maintenance solutions tailored to your needs.

Functions of Valves

The function of valves is not just as the controlling elements but also to bring value to your operations by way of:

  • Optimizing plant efficiency: The precise management of process variables is crucial for boosting plants' energy efficiency and overall productivity. Control valves play a pivotal role in exercising accurate control, thereby supporting the maintenance of plant efficiency. Ed's Valve Servicing (Red Deer) Ltd in Red Deer is dedicated to ensuring the efficient operation of valves for improved plant performance.

  • Maximizing profit objectives: Attaining the highest levels of process efficiency and product quality is integral to achieving greater profitability for the plant. Ed's Valve Servicing (Red Deer) Ltd, operating in Red Deer, focuses on comprehensive valve maintenance to enhance process efficiency, leading to increased profitability. This commitment also aligns with environmental sustainability goals by minimizing waste materials. Contact us today!

Comprehensive Assessment of the Process and Types of Valve Repairs

  • Contact Ed's Valve Servicing (Red Deer) Ltd for expert valve maintenance services in Red Deer. Call now.


Ed's Valve Servicing (Red Deer) Ltd provides certified technicians to service wellhead, pipeline, and plant ANSI/API valves throughout Alberta.

Contact us for 24x7 services.

Expert Valve Maintenance in Red Deer


Rely on our fully-equipped servicing units for all ANSI/API valve repair types in White Court and Rocky Mountain House.

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