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Well-Equipped Machine Shop in Alberta

Ed’s Valve Servicing Ltd machine shop in Alberta is a well-maintained facility with state-of-the-art tools and technology. We are a full-service machine shop that specializes in industrial repairs and manufacturing replacement parts for the oil and gas industry as well as other businesses in Red Deer. Having experience of over 32 years, we are fully equipped to provide services such as sheet metal work, welding services fitting repairs and more such services 24*7 in Red Deer & throughout Alberta.

What We Do at Our Machine Shop:

Manufacture prototype parts for customers made to their specifications

Keep a record of MTR’s for all material

​Full range of equipment – large and small lathe, universal milling machine, boring machine, surface grinders, radial arm drill press

For your convenience, we’re open 24/7. Get in touch with us today!

Estimate all jobs before they are started

​Work for all industries – Oil and Gas, Farming, and the Private Sector

Repair parts to bring them back to original specs

Troubleshoot problems that customers may have with their equipment

​Make arrangements for special services – if required – chroming, tungsten coating, x-ray, heat treating, etc.

What Is the Process of Machining?

Here’s the elaborate process that we follow to turn your ideas into reality:

Initial Discussion

At Ed’s Valve Servicing (Red Deer) Ltd, we understand the importance of a seamless machining experience, which is why we take a customer-centric approach right from the start. Our initial meeting with the customer sets the foundation for a successful project as we gather important information such as project scope, budget, overall requirements, and timelines.

Detailed Designing Process

With a focus on the perfect blend of project requirements and manufacturability, our design team works closely with the customer to create a tailored solution. Our team maintains open lines of communication, ensuring that any potential design changes or improvements are discussed and implemented as needed.

Efficient Manufacturing

Our commitment to quality shines through in every step of the machining process. With state-of-the-art facilities and 30+ years of experience in turnkey project management, we bring together purchasing, fabrication, welding, machining, assembly, and testing departments to ensure a seamless experience for the customer. We strive for complete customer satisfaction, and our work is only done once that goal is met.

Installation Services:

Getting the finished product to its final destination is just as important as the manufacturing process. We offer a range of shipping solutions to ensure that the machined components reach their destination on time and in pristine condition. For added convenience, we can arrange installation/start-up services as required.

Customer Support
Every project, whether a one-off or the first step towards scaling up, is given a thorough debriefing. We take the time to analyze the successes and shortcomings of each project, providing valuable feedback to the customer and ensuring that they have the necessary information to make informed decisions moving forward. Additionally, we offer complete assistance with scaling up and transitioning from prototype to production.

Our machine shop services in Red Deer can help your business forward. Whether it is valve repair work or it is about on-site field units for wellhead maintenance services, we can cater to all with quality workmanship. To talk about our services in length, call us.

Exceptional Valve Repairs

From pressure testing of reconditioning valves to API and ANSI valve repairs, we can do it all for you.

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